The ILO Institute is a resource-rich community.

We bring together leaders of innovation to share research and insights, participate in frequent online and in-person gatherings, and enjoy small, curated interest groups.

Our founder and president, Peter Temes,  is accessible to ILO members through in-person and weekly virtual events; one-to-one by phone and Zoom; and through research available to members

Our 40+ in-person gatherings each year take place in cities across the US and Europe – always with a cap of 20 participants, and generally with a highly distinguished guest speaker.

Peter hosts all of our in-person meetings (with the occasional distinguished guest host), and presents the latest ILO research.

We meet often in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Columbus, London, Amsterdam, Miami, LA, and several other cities. Participants are generally C-level and VP+ leaders at major corporations, government agencies and not-for-profits.

The experience, insights, and friendly engagement with these extraordinary people are among the most valuable resources of our institute.

We launched our weekly, virtual gatherings – generally with about 50 senior innovation leaders – in March, 2020, as COVID forced us to suspend in-person gatherings. By the end of April, we knew that the value of these gatherings was so extraordinary that we needed to commit to making them a permanent part of the institute.

Our research library contains more than 300 full-length research reports on a wide variety of innovation topics – ranging from best practices for launching an innovation function to best practices for supporting a culture innovation, to specific deployment approaches to AI-driven platforms and approaches to open-innovation, corporate innovation accelerators, and data sandboxes.

We execute new research on assignment for our members non-stop, most of which circulates among the membership.

Curated interest-group communities are an important part of membership in the institute.

As a member, you’ll be invited to join in a group of members who share common interests – these could be industry sectors (healthcare, technology manufacturing), regions, technology categories (AI, augmented reality), or topics yet to emerge. We’ll host two meetings a month for each of these groups.

Past speakers at our 40+ small, roundtable events for members, always capped at 20 participants

Gary Becker Nobel-Prize Winning Economist
Gary Becker nobel-prize winning economist
Heidi Roizen Venture Capitalist

Heidi Roizen
Venture Capitalist

Raynard Kington President, Grinnell College

Raynard Kington
President, Grinnell College

Ann Winblad Venture Capitalist
Ann Winblad
Venture Capitalist
Jessica Murrey Global Peacemaker
Jessica Murrey
Global Peacemaker
Clay Christensen Author and Academic

Clayton Christensen
Author and Academic

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