Membership Benefits


  • Real-world, research-based content you can’t find anywhere else
  • Access to a diverse and active cross-industry community of members and alumni
  • Opt-in invitations to curated special-interest advisory groups
  • Personal networking and mentorship introductions
  • Unlimited access to the entire ILO content library of videos, research reports, toolkits, and slide sets
Membership BenefitsDetailCorporate
Weekly Virtual Gatherings50 online member meetings every year
5 flex seats
Facilitated matchmaking and introductions across ILO networkOn-request introductions to in-place execs working on issues of strong interest to you
Access to Research Library200+ full reports, plus slide kits, research briefs, and toolkits
20 licenses
Quarterly Research Summaries4 summaries of ILO research each year
In-Person Roundtables40 in-person, day-long events every year across the US and Europe, public health status allowing; always capped at 20 participants
3 seats per event
On-Call Research AdvisoryCalls with ILO senior researchers
Curated Expert CallsExperts from our network present to your team, on your assigned topic
2 per year
Custom Research ReportsCustom research reports, on your assignment
2 per year
On-Site PresentationOn-site with you, on your assigned topic
1 per year
Research Council SeatQuarterly planning input for research focus; networking
1 assigned seat
Annual Membership Price$19,000

For more information about membership, please contact Dr. Temes at peter [AT] iloinstitute [DOT] net