Leadership Networking and Personal Visibility

Business meeting ILO Institute

A few years ago, one of our members had a fascinating story to tell about a “people finding” platform he’d help to build and socialize inside his large technology consulting firm. The desktop app would light up other people in the organization working on similar projects – and make hugely valuable, unexpected connections. He asked – somewhat shyly for a senior executive in a globally, multi-billion-dollar firm:

Would we be interested in having him talk about it at an event? 

Of course we would.

The next week, we made him the second of two speakers at an event with 20 people around a table for a day in Amsterdam. The other speaker was Jan-Peter Balkenende, who had recently stepped down as Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and our member ended the day feeling that his profile and reputation had increased mightily.

He was right.

We look for opportunities to elevate all of our members – across the table, on virtual calls, through featuring content in our research. Not because we’re paid to promote our members’ products or services (we’re not), but because our members are some of the most extraordinary and effective innovation thinkers and doers in the world.

It’s an extraordinary win-win.

And it adds depth to the networking, learning and friendships that grow through all of our institute’s work.