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Know who else is struggling with the same challenges, and seizing the same opportunities, that you face – and learn from their real-time experiences. See the innovation tool-kits, hear from experts, peers, and the professionals who area step ahead.

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ILO helps you connect to the right people. From Nobel Prize winners at the meeting table to conversation partners at our weekly virtual gatherings, ILO is a community – the strongest community of innovationleaders in the world.

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Support means insight, advice and concern. A network of experts, peers and friends at the front lines of innovation leadership is priceless. That’s the core of ILO.

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Our members' testimonials pretty much speak for themselves

The virtual gatherings are my favourite meeting of the week.

– Zain Ismail, Principal Transformation Consultant, Henry Ford Health System

When Covid hit, we reached out to ILO about an accelerator program of our own in open collaboration with other companies. Peter was a great sounding board and helped us move quickly.

– Ryan Pletka, VP, Innovation and Strategy at Black & Veatch

ILO offers provocative yet practical insights for organizations to consider and adopt. The cross-industry perspective combined with incredible thought leadership is truly invaluable.

– Melissa Mancini, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at UAB Health System

The ILO Institute, which Peter Temes directs, maintains an unusual balance between theoretical rigor and practical application in its work. Peter deeply understands the pathologies in companies that are trying to grow, but also the promise of getting it right.

– Rita McGrath, author of Discovery-Driven Growth and Seeing Around Corners. Faculty, Columbia University Graduate Business School

ILO has been very valuable to NASA. Peter Temes is a true thought leader.

– Ed Hoffman, Long-time Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA; Faculty, Columbia University

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General Mills



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and 200+ additional organizations

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